Saturday, December 22, 2007

Screen Show Pro

Make a video of your computer screen while you are talking in the background as the audio. This is something every internet marketing "GURU" says is the HOTTEST thing on the web. You can use this to demonstrate your service or product that you are marketing. Click here to purchase today.

CS1 Club

Get the CS1 club, the club that will help you with the perfect golf swing every time. There is also a free instructional video included. Click here for more details.

Friday, December 21, 2007



1998 Ford Windstar

Price: $2,500

Windshield: Cracked

Tires: Good

AC: Works

Heat: Works

Radio CD/DVD Player: Works

Scratches: Yes


4 Door

One Previous owner

Needs an Oil Pump

Must be able to pick up from Philadelphia, PA

Please call 267-886-2619 or 215-224-0297 for further details.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Writers Manifesto

This site is a definite keeper if you want to go to the next level in writing and blogging. Also while your there check out my comments in the "Recent Comments" section.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Legitimate Sites that pay you to write?

Below is a response that I submitted to Steve Pavlina's forum and I thought this would be helpful to my readers.


Presently I am on that writing mission to make money online. I have been at it since the 1st of November, 2007 and I am living proof that it is not all what they hype it up to be. In fact I just received my first rejection yesterday, Monday December 10, 2007. It is just like anything else it is a saturated field and you must be creative, unconventional and a cut above the rest.

It can also become quite depressing since we are in the holidays and I have not generated an income from this yet. I feel like I have been to every writing site out there, but I know that I have not. See I believed the hype that all you have to do is have an acceptable command of the English language and the acceptance and the dollars would roll in. Whatt they don't tell you for those dollars to roll in and get with the better paying gigs you will have to pay a fee. Now for a person like myself living on a shoe string with not many monetary resources it is a strain.

Now with Elance and Guru you have to pay a fee. Now before everyone starts screaming Elance and Guru do have a free sign up but you will get little to no response for jobs you bid on. Ask me how I know because I have been with both companies for one year and have not gotten an assignment from them yet in this status. I did win a bid with Elance in October 2006 of last year but that was as a paid subscriber. When I couldn't pay I couldn't bid with Elance. I am still bidding with Guru and have not won a bid yet in the free status. So I have not been awarded a bid in one year and two months.

Now there are other options but because there are so many of us with the skill of writing it will be competitive. Also note with some of these the pay is not all that great. See my list below.

Much success in your endeavors and I hope this is helpful to you.


Money Making Tips

In the past seven days I have stumbled upon (excuse the pun) many different websites that I know would be helpful to you or someone else you know personal development or business endeavors. So here is the list. (This site has also helped me in the last four days immensely with my online business.) (This site has helped me immensely in my online business you will want to join his forum.) (This is sarcastically funny) (A little astronomy)

That’s it for now if you thoroughly go through each and everyone of these sites it will take you about two weeks time. If you have full time availability then cut that amount in half.